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2008-2009 Season Review

Let’s take a look at the past NHL season from a fantasy hockey value perspective, analyzing some of the NHL’s biggest stars and how they fare in a points-only league compared to a rotisserie league:

Evgeni Malkin – C, Pittsburgh Penguins: Keeping as low of a profile as a freight train on skates possibly can, Malkin led the league in scoring with 113 points. But he also makes big contributions to the rest of the stats that matter here – 35 G, 78 A, +17, 80 PIM, 41 PPP, and 290 SOG.
Points rank: #1.  Hockey Pool Geek Value: #2. Verdict: Malkin is a money player in any format.
Alexander Ovechkin – LW, Washington Capitals: Easily the most entertaining player in the NHL, Ovechkin dominates the league with a big, goofy smile on his face. Coming in 2nd in NHL scoring with 110 points, he absolutely kills the field in a rotisserie league – 56 G, 54 A, +8, 72 PIM, 46 PPP, 528 (!) SOG. 
Points rank: #2. Hockey Pool Geek Value: #1. Verdict: Alex is a great player in a points only league, but in rotisserie he is the class of the league and he plays at the coveted LW position.
Sidney Crosby – C, Pittsburgh Penguins: Touted as a big-game player, Crosby hasn’t disappointed, finishing 3rd with 103 points. In a rotisserie league, his value doesn’t hold up as high as his points would indicate – 33 G, 70 A, +3, 76 PIM, 40 PPP, 238 SOG. 
Points rank: #3. Hockey Pool Geek Value: #7. Verdict: Crosby is a great player but unless he shoots the puck more, he won’t ever be more valuable than his teammate Malkin.
Pavel Datsyuk – C, Detroit Red Wings: The slick Russian doesn’t get the recognition of the Big 3, but he quietly does the job on the consistently best team in the league. 4th place in league scoring with 97 points, how does he stack up when you add in the rest of the stats? Pretty good, but not great – 32 G, 65 A, +34, 22 PIM, 36 PPP, 248 SOG. 
Points rank: #4. Hockey Pool Geek Value: #8. Verdict: Datsyuk is a solid contributor, but it just takes so many more points from the centre position to be an elite contributor in a roto league. Dats isn’t a bad call, but his value is higher in a points league than a rotisserie league.
Ryan Getzlaf – C, Anaheim Ducks: The big guy has filled out his lanky frame and isn’t afraid to throw it around. Coming in 6th in league scoring with 91 points, his appetite for the penalty box has his rotisserie league owners grinning from ear to ear – 25 G, 66 A, +5, 121 PIM, 37 PPP, 227 SOG. 
Points rank: #6. Hockey Pool Geek Value: #5. Verdict: Getzlaf is a monster on the ice, and he’s a dream pick in every league that counts penalty minutes.


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Published Fri, Jul 24th, 2009