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What I've Learned - Rotisserie Leagues

Mon, Sep 27th, 2010

Strategy in rotisserie leagues is quite a bit different than in head-to-head leagues. It is much less dependent on short-term fluctuation like an H2H matchup and requires a more deliberate type of management that consists of more attention and care. If you have never played in a rotisserie league, the following will help you gain an advantage over your fellow managers.

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What I've Learned: H2H Leagues

Thu, Sep 16th, 2010

I have only played in H2H leagues for the past two seasons, however, I have learned a great deal in that time and have a solid grasp of how to play the game, and what strategies to use in specific situations. My initial reason for creating this piece was to have something written down to help with my own H2H strategies. But in doing so, I felt that this could be of use to others. Please think of this as a guide, rather than a set of instructions. You may not agree with all of my points; however, I am simply highlighting a variety of factors to consider that may help in your own leagues.

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Managing in Cap Leagues

Mon, Aug 09th, 2010

The strategies it takes to consistently win a salary cap league are fundamentally different than the strategies that apply to pretty much every other setup. They need to be treated as the unique animals that they are.

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