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Being Ready on Draft Day

Thu, Aug 18th, 2011

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Trade Fever - Actions at the Trade Table

Mon, Jan 24th, 2011

Being part of a fantasy league allows us to become GMs and manage our very own teams to victory. Just like the real NHL though, some build their teams well and gain reputation while others simply fizzle out and eventually step down or get replaced. It takes a strong draft and sharp trading skills to stay in the running year after year - one small trade could set your team back at least one or more seasons if done incorrectly.

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Trade Fever: Competitive Limbo & Self-Auditing Your Team

Sat, Dec 11th, 2010

A lot of feedback was generated from the last issue regarding Competitive Limbo, many managers found themselves and their teams in Limbo without direction. This edition of Trade Fever will cater to those teams and provide some self auditing techniques. Being able to self audit your team can give you the leg up when attempting to play the player. Why? Because it gives you the chance to know where you stand, the direction you’re headed in and pin point what your needs are.

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Trade Fever - Intro to Keeper Leagues and the Importance of Strategy

Mon, Nov 01st, 2010

Playing the player is not just about playing rival managers, it is also about playing yourself. You can’t forget that you’re a player in the same league as everyone else and it’s sometimes easy to lose focus of that fact. If you want to be a better poolie, you have to understand which kind of player you are, and need to see the big picture as you decide which direction to take your team in. Whichever route you take, it must align with your game plan and you must stick to it. You will face many tough decisions, some you might not want to make. If you’re committed to the strategy you laid out, you’ll be able to take advantage of key situations and better not only your team but yourself as well.

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Trade Fever: Types of Preferences - Draft Edition

Mon, Sep 20th, 2010

In continuation of the last Trade Fever article, this entry will focus on the types of draft styles and preferences seen in managers when drafting a team. Whether it’s a bias, a fluke or a habit, the following types might seem very familiar to you. While they might not require the same set of skills or influences needed to play the player, it’s a great refresher to have come draft time. Get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the read!

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Trade Fever: Types of Preferences, Players Edition

Mon, Sep 06th, 2010

Just like the real NHL, every Fantasy GM builds their team differently and in turn looks for specific pieces to complement their team’s puzzle. It becomes obvious to see which managers build their teams from strong drafts, from those that attempt to achieve success through trading. By looking at the teams in your league, you’ll have a great idea of where most of the GMs stand in their building efforts. During this process, observe these managers in order to figure out their game plan, then attempt to find any biases that might be at play. Doing so will influence trade talks in your favour and will likely help maximize the return for your team.

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Trade Fever: Learning to Read Your Opponents

Mon, Aug 23rd, 2010

In the last Trade Fever, we discussed what a draft involves and introduced ways to maximize the value of your picks by being aware of your surroundings. That article also hinted at the fact that by reading opposing managers, you could better your team’s selections and results. Well, this time around we’ll to go deeper into that subject as there’s more to winning your league than simply using statistics. To better your chances at achieving success, you must also understand how to play the player or else you’ll find yourself being the one that’s played. This article aims at helping you get the edge over your opponents by reading their clues and biases.

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Trade Fever: Drafts

Mon, Aug 09th, 2010

The draft is about to start. You feel everyone’s hype with their lists in hand. Like you, they did their homework and are just as anxious to pick the team that will carry them through the highs and lows of the season. You think you have the perfect game plan? So do they. It’s funny how you can spend countless hours trying to predict who’s going to be available (by crossing out the obvious choices, of course) in the 10th round, 15th round etc… Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. This article is aimed at increasing your chances of getting it right.

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Fantasy Fundamentals - Draft Strategy

Wed, Sep 16th, 2009

In this next article in the Fantasy Fundamentals series, we look at typical draft strategies in a standard Rotisserie or Head-to-Head league, and how it will affect your team.

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Fantasy Fundamentals - Pitfalls

Wed, Sep 09th, 2009

In this article, continuing our Fantasy Fundamentals series, we go over some of the common pitfalls that fantasy hockey newbies fall into, and why they should be avoided.

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Fantasy Hockey Fundamentals - Position

Sat, Aug 08th, 2009

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