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Here's what our users say about the site:

"I used Fantasy Hockey Geek for one of my five drafts. I chose this particular keeper league because the point system was a little more complex, unlike my other keepers this one required full NHL rosters, and three years after buying this last place team, I had the pieces in place but hadn't been paying enough attention to it. I thought I could use all the help I could get at the draft. 

As the season draws to a close, my team has 1750 points. Second place has 1650. That just doesn't happen without either Fantasy Hockey Geek... or another 50+ hours of my time."

- Darryl Dobbs,

" has taken fantasy hockey analysis a healthy step further than any other site I've seen."

- The Forechecker Dirk Hoag,

"I would have to say that the choice to use HockeyPoolGeek or not comes down to how much you value your time. The amount of time saved and instant feedback provided by HockeyPoolGeek was well worth the cost of the subscription. You could waste hours before you come to the conclusions HockeyPoolGeek can give you with a few clicks of a button."

- Steve, Dryden, ON

"This is a must for serous poolies that want to win. Allows for a better evaluation on a players value!! You just punch in your teams cats & go!! You may think your trade is good or your pick up off waiver is a steal till you compare their value against your leagues Cats."

- AJ, St Catherines, ON

"The draft advisor tool has helped a lot to build my team, which is strong in each category. Proof: I have been in 1st place from the 1st H2H week onwards :)"

- Antti, Finland

"FHG is the only ranking site which puts forwards and defencemen on a comparable basis.  I am first place in my money pool and I based my draft list on the FHG rankings."

- Phil, Montreal

"All drafts that I participated in from scratch resulted in top 3 finishes. My last place team in a keeper league improved from 14/14 to 7th, winning the b side playoffs. This year I am in great position to continue to improve. This site is simply the best. You have a customer for life."

- Gregory, Winnipeg

"There are hundreds of different fantasy hockey league formats out there, but only Fantasy Hockey Geek tailors their rankings to your specific league so you can find a player's true value based on YOUR league and not someone elses'  There is more to most fantasy hockey leagues than just goals and assists, but the majority of fantasy hockey sites only talk about those statistics. Fantasy Hockey Geek is the only place where you can quantitatively include stats like +/-, PIMs, PPPs, and SHPs and apply them to your league and assess a player's true value to you.  The rankings may surprise you but it makes complete sense and teaches you not to draft according to point projections only."

- Rob, Michigan 

"My record speaks for itself: before I found your site I had finished in the bottom half of my league for the last two years.  Last year I drafted based on your custom rankings, and I won.  Simple, clean, effective.  Thanks!"

- Mike, Washington DC 

"A big thanks for the use of your site, over the past few months particularly.  I have found your site extremely useful in evaluating possible trades, pinpointing my teams' competitive needs and generally increasing my awareness of factors that are of consequence in decision making, that I have often left in the corner in the cobwebs, because I didn't have the means to deal with them.  I can safely say that I have made some better keeper and trade decisions in the last little while because of your site - you have delivered the subtle and less obvious stuff that makes for solid tweaks throughout my rosters, not just the top end stuff.

I am really excited about the next generation developments at - I honestly think we are looking at some exponential breakthroughs in fantasy hockey analysis and management."

- Rick Wakeman (aka shoeless), Asan, South Korea

"FHG is my means of evaluating my teams in both pools. It allows me to take a good look at trades and waiver pick-ups while comparing what I already have in each category to what I need. It's a great tool and I expect to continue with good outings in my leagues next year."

- Darren, Vancouver

"Your draft advisor was awesome for me last year!  I ended up winning my roto league by hitting all the categories pretty evenly.  Nice!"

- Steve, Toronto

"One thing I repeatedly find us all guilty of is overvaluing our own players, whether it's because you really like them or don't truly understand their value in your league.  This is lethal -- if you are wrongly overvaluing your players it will damage your trade talks, damage your drafting, damage your relationships in the league, and bottom line... you won't win!  I found your site has a fix for this... your rankings that rate the players based on my own league's rules is invaluable!  How important is Corey Perry without PIMs?  I was surprised at some of the guys that were ranked near the top that carry a way lower trade value than some of the guys I had been after in the past.  Imagine being able to get a player way more valuable than the guy you have been after for 2 weeks, but for a smaller pricetag!  I was beside myself."

- Rick, Saskatoon

"F you, FHG.  I've been doing this for years now.  If and when any of my league mates come across your site, any advantage I've gained from properly analyzing stats is gone."

- Craig, Comox