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More Info About Custom Rankings

Remember in high school when there was the nerd that could do things with math that regular kids just didn’t have the time or inclination to do? That’s where the Fantasy Hockey Geek comes in: we did the number crunching. We stayed in on weekends. We missed dates because we’re nerds. But, now we can give you the edge to win your fantasy hockey league.

You tell us how your league is set up, and we crunch the numbers and spit out a custom ranking list for your league. Especially if your league has specific positions, you want to know who you should have on your team.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We take the data from your league setup and use it to establish a baseline of what performance you need out of each position, based on your league’s scoring system.
  • Our software compares every player against that baseline in each scoring category to see how they stack up.

From there, we give you a list of the top players at each position so you can put together a team that blows your competition out of the water.

We give each player a FHG Value, which describes their overall value in your league based on your specific scoring setup. But keep this in mind: you are probably not competing against other math–nerds. If defensemen turn out to be ultra–valuable due to your league setup but nobody else knows it, you might consider following everyone else’s lead for the first few rounds. Why pick the most valuable defender in your draft in the 1st round if he’ll still be there in the 4th?

Using our rankings and advanced tools will give you a well-balanced team, a team that is better prepared to weather injuries. Better balance means less vulnerability for your team!

We know that our lists look way different from other player ranking lists out there. What gives? Lots of the ranking lists out there include a ton of parameters, which may or may not apply to your specific league… so if you’re using those rankings, your team will be built to win a different league. You might be flying blind in your particular setup! We make sure you get rankings based on what actually matters in your scoring setup.