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Due to the high demand for drafts in late September, particularly evenings, do not rely on the Draft Guru. Please generate the customized Player Rankings in advance of your draft and have them as a backup in the event that Draft Guru fails to run. The heavy load on the server during this time can cause the Guru to work too slowly.

Be on the right side of every trade

Lots of GMs rely on gut feel to assess trades. That's an important part of it, but intuition often needs guidance. Using the league configuration you've entered for your custom rankings, you'll get the information to really understand what's going on in a trade.

As part of the Season Toolkit, use the trade analyzer in to check to make sure that you’re happy with the value coming back to your team. Sometimes you’re just trying to get the best player, and other times you want to make sure that the trade will help you in the categories you need help in. Either way, you’ll make better decisions when you use the Trade Analyzer to compare the value of the incoming and outgoing players, accounting for position and stat category.

Get a huge edge in analyzing trades with this tool.