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Those in Yahoo leagues with issues refreshing the roster - simply re-sync your league as a new league and the rosters will be updated.

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Have a secret weapon on draft day

The Fantasy Hockey Geek Draft Kit is all you need on draft day to make sure you come out ahead.  

Dobber's projections are the best in the business, but how do they fit your specific league setup?  We have done the work so you don't have to.  The Draft Kit is built around the Draft Guru tool, which provides real-time advice on what players are the best fit for your evolving team as the draft unfolds so you make the right picks early, get the best late-round steals, and best value out of every pick.  There's simply no better way to get ahead at the draft

After every pick, you’ll get real-time advice on:

  • The top available players in your league
  • Your team’s specific needs by category and position
  • The best players at each category and position

The rankings are built off of Dobberhockey's projections, so you get a major edge, and the rankings are customized for your specific league setup.

Too good to be true?  Sounds like it, but it's not.  Start your free trial today!