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Get valuation right with custom rankings

Fantasy Hockey Geek generates custom rankings specifically based on your league's setup. Quite simply, you won't find any rankings that fit your league better anywhere on the net.

Think of us as your fantasy hockey moneypuck: our rankings automatically adjust for position and scoring categories, so you get the best real player value with each pick you make.

There are so many fantasy league setups out there that a catch-all "Player X is more valuable than Player Y" just isn’t possible. You want to know how a gritty forward like Corey Perry stacks up against a pure scorer like Pavel Datsyuk. You want to win your league so you want to know which players are valuable.

Stop guessing about which players are the best value in your format – win your league by getting a ranking that’s customized.  The Draft Kit will give you a cheat sheet thats tailored to your draft, and you can use the Season Toolkit to guide your moves throughout the season.

Find out more about custom rankings.